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Video: ‘Look both ways’ and other rules adults ignore

Calgary Transit and city police are once again warning pedestrians to follow the basic rules of the road in the wake of several incidents.

Acting Insp. Michael Watterston said the recent number of pedestrian-involved collisions on the roadways and C-Train tracks is not typical.

“This goes back to the basics of what we even teach our kids in grade school is to look both ways, pay attention to the signs and use the appropriate crosswalks,” he said.

“The police can’t be there at every single intersection. People need to take some responsibility.”

Co-ordinator of public safety and enforcement Brian Whitelaw said Calgary Transit does what it can to keep people safe but cellphones and headphones can prevent people from paying attention.

“Every time that we deal with a tragedy, we take a look and we ask ourselves the questions, is there more in fact that we can do? But at the end of the day, if somebody chooses to walk around a barrier, I don’t think there’s anything that we can do,” he said.

“The rules are fairly basic: look both ways.”

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