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VIDEO: Malik Yoba didn’t know he was going to die in ‘Empire’ season finale

In case you missed the epic two-hour grand finale of FOX’s new hit show ‘Empire,’ Vernon Turner, played by Malik Yoba, was killed in the final episode.

During an episode of TMZ Live, Malik Yoba shares how he received the news that he was going to be offed at the end of the season.

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While doing charity work in Ferguson, Missouri for an organization that supports unemployed black men, Malik received a phone call from producer Lee Daniels informing him that his services will not be needed any longer and the executives at FOX were responsible for making the decision to give him the axe.

He added that he was ” a shocker” to learn that it was his character that had to go, but according to the video he seemed to be in good spirits. It’s just too bad he had to learn the news while doing charity work.

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