VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street protesters and police clash at Zuccotti Park (UPDATE) - Metro US

VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street protesters and police clash at Zuccotti Park (UPDATE)

Five people participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement were arrested Tuesday morning, new reports from the protesters’ camp allege.

According to an email from media team member Patrick Bruner, the first arrest happened after a protester objected to police removing a tarp that was protecting media equipment from rain water. The protesters said officers attempted to remove the structure, claiming it was a tent.

Bruner said another protester using a bullhorn was arrested after refusing to “cease exercising his First Amendment right.” Then, according to Bruner, several officers unsheathed their batons and began to “indiscriminately attempt to arrest protesters.”

Bruner said one protester received a large gash on the leg and another lost a tooth. He also said another protester was tackled and sat on by police despite telling them that he was having an asthma attack.

Police would not confirm the arrests by phone this afternoon, but did say they would be releasing more information shortly.

UPDATE II: The NYPD reports seven people were arrested in two incidents for reasons including using a bullhorn without a permit, refusing a lawful order to disperse and disorderly conduct. Police acknowledge that one protester did suffer a cut to the leg but said that person refused medical treatment at the First Precinct.

Here’s video that was uploaded today and included in the email from Patrick Bruner.

Another video has been posted that shows protestors clashing with police.

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