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VIDEO: ‘Panhandler Party’ pranksters take on NYC subway

If you a nickel for every time someone asked you for money on the subway, right?

Whether it’s a homeless person, a break-dancer, a Mariachi band or just a teenager raising money, it’s expected that once you step on to the subway, someone will ask you for a friendly donation.

Last summer, Gary Lee Mahmoud, a self-proclaimed “actor, comedian, jackass” got together with a few of his improv friends and threw a “panhandler party” inside a NYC subway car.

These are not your average panhandlers, though. They don’t need money for food or clothes. They need money for their mortgage on their summer home on Nantucket.

“Second mortgages are ridiculous,” proclaims improv/panhandler ‘Tracy’.

Another Wall Street type unfortunately did not get his bonus this year so he needs some help paying off his Ferrari.

Mahmoud makes an appearance at the end kicking those soliciting money off the train.

He is obviously part of the sketch since as the doors close he himself turns to his fellow straphangers to ask for some money.

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