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Video: ‘Pegger’s Drummer Boy version goes viral

Oak Park High School student Sean Quigley had no idea when he uploaded his version of The Little Drummer Boy it would upend his life.

“It’s exciting,” said Sean, 16. “(My friends) are super excited about it and they think it’s awesome.”

A few days later, his video, featuring an upbeat version of the Christmas classic, has gone viral and media are clamoring to learn more about the teen behind the video.

He said he chose the Little Drummer Boy because he related to it – the story of a boy who has nothing to give Christ but a song.

“It relates to my life and (the song) has a positive influence on people,” said Sean, a drummer since the age of five.

In the video, Sean is seen playing the drum in a dreamy, snow-covered forest and around Winnipeg’s major landmarks such as the Provencher Bridge.

Originally, the video was supposed to be filmed in front of a Christmas tree, but poor lighting made it difficult.

“God answered my prayer. I got up the next day and that one day was just beautiful. I took that as a ‘go outside and film that,’ and I did,” said Sean.

Other then sharing filming duties with his sister, he directed and edited the video in his basement studio. He also sang and played all the instruments on the track.

The song will be sold on iTunes for 99 cents, with proceeds going to charity.

“It’s not about me. I did this for people. I did it because that’s what I believe in.”

The youth group leader hopes to combine his faith and his love of music into a possible career. He’s already working on original material.

“I have tons (of music) in the works. I never got to share them with anyone.”

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