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VIDEO: Rex Ryan plays joke on reporters, asks them questions instead

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was firmly on the hot seat at the end of last season, which is a real shame. Not because he didn’t deserve to be, the Jets were playing like crap, but because he still gives some of the best pressers around.

Ryan was, of course, saved by a late season run in which the team won three of four to finish 8-8 on the season. He’s gotten back to delivering some of his typical bravado in training camp, and even felt comfortable enough to mess around with beat reporters on Saturday.

The coach took a seat among the press corps at the start of his post-practice interview session, instead giving ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini the mic.

And who was the first guy to raise his hand to ask a question? Ryan, of course.

He asked Cimini about the injury situation, to which Cimini responded, channeling Ryan (and dozens of other coaches), “I’m not gonna get into too much depth, I’m leaving that to the doctors.”

Ryan followed up by asking about the tedium of being a reporter and having to ask the same questions, even knowing the coach — Ryan himself — is not going to answer.

“It’s a boring day, it’s kind of a flat day, and you’ve still got a job to do,” Ryan asked Cimini. “Is that the toughest thing?”

Cimini responded he, and the reporters, just hope Ryan gives them something new or breaking on a day like that.

Ya know, something like sitting in the audience and asking questions himself.

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