VIDEO: Skier jumps from top of Alewife Station – Metro US

VIDEO: Skier jumps from top of Alewife Station

VIDEO: Skier jumps from top of Alewife Station
Team Gravity Research/Youtube

Veteran street skier Cam Riley jumped from a railing atop Level 5 of the Alewife Station transit hub’s parking structure for a video produced by Teton Gravity Research.

Alewife Station is a transit hub in North Cambridge, Massachusetts, and even though nothing in the facility was ever designed for street skiers, the accompanying footage shows street skier Riley jumping from a railing to a sloped area at ground level, GrindTV reported.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube to promote Teton Gravity Research’s street-skiing documentary “For Lack of Better,” which features street skiers who “dedicate their lives to traveling from city to city pushing the limits of what is possible on skis in urban environments,” GrindTV stated.

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Riley, who is from Boston, said in the GrindTV report, “I passed by Alewife Station countless times and this was a spot that we never even considered. Only because of the incredible amount of snow that fell in the city was this even a possibility. I knew there was an opportunity here that I could not pass up.”