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VIDEO: The best ‘Alice’ moments from ‘The Brady Bunch’ (Roundup)

Ann B Davis, Alice, The Brady Bunch, housekeeper, cbs, funny, talented, 1970s, dead, video, best moments Ann B. Davis as Alice Nelson in “The Brady Bunch.” Credit: Getty Images

Ann B. Davis, who played the beloved housekeeper Alice on the 1970s family sitcom “The Brady Bunch” died at the age of 88, after suffering a fall at her home in Pennsylvania.

It’s no surprise Alice was the one person who in the household who seemed to solve just about every problem and deliver some the best punchlines on the show.

Metro highlights the top seven moments from “The Brady Bunch” featuring everyone’s favorite housekeeper in a video roundup.

Far out Alice

That one time Alice gets dunked in a dunking booth.

Broken Bust

When the kids try to scare Alice, Alice swings into action by destroying a statue in the living room

Make Music Together

After Alice sprains her ankle and is bed ridden, the kids come upstairs to sing a song to cheer her up.


Alice has trouble answering the phone.

I’m leaving

Alice tells Mr. and Mrs. Brady she has to resign because her aunt is sick.

Don’t Question the Miracle

When Alice was sick and Carol was away, the kids thought it would be nice to do some housecleaning.

Alice quits

Alice announces to the family that she is quitting her job working for the Brady’s. The family meets the new “Alice.”

BONUS: The Brady Bunch Theme song

Because we want “The Brady Bunch” opening theme song to be stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

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