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VIDEO: Tom Cruise injured himself attempting insane Mission: Impossible 6 stunt

Tom Cruise hanging onto the side of a building

Tom Cruise has proven that he isn’t afraid to put his body on the line in action films  especially when it comes to the Mission: Impossible franchise. In 2015’s Rogue Nation we saw the actor cling onto the side of a plane that then took off and, later in the film, hold his breath for three minutes for an underwater stunt.

Having perfected this demanding, it’s easy to assume that Tom Cruise could easily jump from one building to the next if needed. Apparently that stunt wasn’t quite as easy. Footage has emerged of Tom Cruise injuring himself on the set of Mission: Impossible 6 when he tried to leap off a rig, only to fall short of his intended target. You can check out the clip of Cruise smacking into the side of the building below. 

TMZ were the first to get their hands on the above footage of Tom Cruise thwacking into the side of the building. While he managed to clamber up to the roof, the fact that he then immediately started to hobble around proves that he was in some discomfort. The legendary actor was then swung back over to a number of crew members, who assumedly looked over his injuries.

Rather than giving up and allowing his stuntman to shoot the sequence instead, Tom Cruise had no qualms about having a second go at finishing the stunt. TMZ got their hands on even more footage of Cruise’s later attempts to clear the building. Unfortunately, the actor didn’t learn from his mistakes, and the footage once again shows him crashing into the side of the building.

Cruise didn’t seem to be in too much pain following these failures, but if he keeps on injuring himself in this fashion he will need to change his name to Tom Bruise. Sometimes a pun just writes itself.