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VIDEO: Top 5 Super Bowl commercials that were banned from TV

With millions of dollars spent on Super Bowl advertisements and companies trying to push the envelope to have the edgiest commercials, there are some that are so raunchy; they never make it to air.

Many of these ads contain content that may not be suitable for prime time television in the United States, but have found a permanent home online.

Here are the top five Super Bowl ads that were banned from television.

In 2011, Kim Kardashian did a commercial for Skechers. Yes, Skechers. Somehow nobody will ever remember the shoes, but the ad will live forever.

In 2009, animal rights organization PETA created a very sexy ad involving women in lingerie handling vegetables in very provacative ways. We all got the message loud and clear, but the commercial was too hot for TV. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

This banned ad by Bud Light featured corporate men who were told they would receive a can of Bud Light for each article of clothing they donated. Needless to say, there were a lot of naked middle-aged men walking around the office that day. All for a can of Bud Light. America.

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This banned commercial from Bud Light didn’t involve nudity, but it did involve someone opening bottles of beer with their rear end. We can’t make this stuff up.

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Go Daddy has always been known for making sexy television ads that air during the Super Bowl. This one featured a hot model wearing cuttoff shorts and mimicking a scene out of the movie Basic Instinct. Yes, that scene. This commercial was banned, of course.

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