VIDEO: Watch a $10,000 gold Apple Watch get destroyed by two magnets

If you were ever curious to find out what it would be like to see the coveted Apple Watch get crushed by two powerful magnets, then you’ve come to the right place.

The folks over at TechRax decided to take a brand new, $10,000 gold Apple Watch and destroy it with two insanely powerfulneodymium magnets that equal 650 pounds of combined force when they’re brought together. According to TechRax, the force is capable of crushing bones.

As you could imagine the Apple Watch didn’t stand a chance. The front face was completely smashed, however, the gold back showed little damage. According to their test, the Apple gadget showed some signs of life. When they placed it on its charging stand, you’re able to hear the charging tone.

We’re no sure why the Internet is obsessed with watching gadgets being destroyed, but this video is beginning to go viral with close to 1 million page views.

Goodbye Apple Watch

Up close

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