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Video: Watch Janel Parrish’s perfect score routine from ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Last night, all the remaining “Dancing with the Stars” contestants danced for the chance to protect themselves from elimination, and also to avoid having to participate in a dance-off later in the night. The big winners? “Pretty Little Liars” star Janel Parish and Valentin Chmerkovskiy, who performed a contemporary number that was romantic and a little sexy, and won them a perfect score from the judges. Faring slightly less well was race car driver Michael Waltrip, who got sent home at the end of the night.

We’re happy to see Parrish doing well, especially since she had a bit of a rough go on “Pretty Little Liars” this season. Getting (SPOILERS FOR VERY OUTDATED TV NEWS) killed off is no fun, but given that show’s love for flashbacks and twists, we’re sure we’ll be seeing plenty of her in the new season. But our favorite to win it all is still Alfonso Ribeiro, who performed an adorable Batman and Robin routine with partner Witney Carson (the theme of the night was dynamic duos). The guy ziplined onto the stage! What more can you ask for? It didn’t get them a perfect score, but they did win their dance off later in the night against Lea Thompson and Artem Chigvintsev, so the pair still had a pretty good night.

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