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Videos: Ultimate Warrior death causes conspiracy theorists to go wild

Ultimate Warrior conspiracy theory There are many questions surrounding the death of WWE icon, Ultimate Warrior. Credit: Getty Images

Much has been made in the past 18-plus hours since the death of WWE icon Ultimate Warrior about the speeches he made in his Hall of Fame induction and on RAW this past Monday. There were numerous mentions of death by Warrior in his final public appearance on Monday, just 20 hours before he collapsed of an apparent heart attack. Click here to view a transcript of Warrior’s eerie words.

As strange as Warrior’s would-be prophecy was, it should be noted that the man formerly known as Jim Hellwig spent a great portion of his WWE career talking about death and matters relating to death. Of course, it should be also noted that Warrior was involved in feuds with “evil” characters like the Undertaker, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Papa Shango (a voodoo lord), so it kind of came with the territory.

Nonetheless, here are some Warrior promos and shoot interviews that also paint a spooky picture. He talks of Hulk Hogan using drugs and wrestlers killing themselves with drugs, Hulk Hogan pushing himself to self destruction by shoving a plane into a nosedive in his WWE days, skeletons, his own use of steroids and their effects, improper burials and the digging of his own grave.

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