Location of the subway push, and surveillance cam pics of the suspect, Rolan Reid.Google Maps/NYPD/Oswald

Subway riders can breathe a little easier this weekend after the NYPD on Friday formally charged a homeless man with shoving a transgender woman to the 6 Train tracks at Bleeker Street Monday..

When cops finally caught up to Rolan Reid Thursday -- he was still riding a Bronx-bound No. 6.

“"I'll throw you guys onto the tracks too," he reportedly told arresting officers.

The crime against the 28-year-old victim came in a week that transgender issues took front-and-center when Olympics superstar Bruce Jenner introduced the world to his new trans self, Caitlyn.


Advocates have noted that Jenner’s experience, in the lap of Kardashian luxury and safety, is different from that of many trans individuals who find themselves cast out by their families and the victims of violence, insults, and discrimination.

Reid, 32, has been charged with assault, attempted murder and hate crime counts, the NYPD said.

The incident Monday happened at around 9 a.m. on the southbound "6" at Lafayette and Bleecker Street.

The suspect was acting strange and at one point allegedly looked up and stated to her "what are you looking at."

He then ran to a garbage pail where he grabbed a plastic bottle and then ran back, hit the victim with it, and then pushed her to the tracks.

She was taken to Bellevue Hospital where she was treated and released. The perp is now at Bellevue in the psych ward being evaluated.

Reid has a long recidivist record -- 28 other arrests in all. Many involve threats of violence, vandalism, and weapons possession.

In Feb. 2014, he was charged with knife possession. Asked what it was for, he allegedly said< “To stab you, n-----,” sources tell The News .

The paper also says:

He tried to hit someone with a garbage pail in the East Village in April 2011 and was charged with menacing, sources said.

He was arrested for throwing bricks and damaging a copy machine in a Brooklyn homeless shelter in 2009, the sources said.

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