As a little boy, Dean Potter said he had dreams -- or nightmares -- of falling from the heavens to his death.

"When I was a little boy, my first memory was a flying dream. In my dream, I flew -- and I also fell," he said in a video interview with Outside published online last year.

"I always wondered as I got older if it was some premonition of falling to my death."

Over the weekend, what was to be, was to be.


Some may think, or even say, perhaps he hastened his demise with his chosen extreme sport, BASE jumping. In wingsuits.

On Sunday, the 6’5”, 180-pound, 43-year-old’s body, and that of Graham Hunt, 29, was found 3,500 below Taft Point in the Yosemite Valley in California’s Yosemite National Park.

A helicopter search was launched the day before when the two were reported missing, says CNN.

Neither had pulled the rip cords on their parachutes on their wingsuits.

The news devastated friends and members of the Yosemite-area community.

El Cap Report blogger Tom Evans wrote the following :

“Yo.. I sit at my table, in the Café, as the rain pours down just outside the window. It started a bit after noon and continues unabated. The gloom of the day is heightened by the death, last evening, of two of our community’s best people. Dean Potter, and Graham Hunt, perished late in the evening when a BASE jump from Taft Point went terribly wrong.

“Yosemite Search and Rescue received word last night that the men were overdue and immediately sent out ground parties, to search for them. I awoke, just after dawn, when a helicopter flew low over the house I was staying in, while searching for the men. I heard that they were overdue and was at the EC Meadow, doing my daily shooting, when friends came by and confirmed the tragedy. The men’s bodies were recovered by noon and many friends gathered throughout the morning and afternoon to seek comfort and share their grief.”

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