Raunchy comedy is a tricky business, as you're trying to be outrageous enough to surprise the audience but not so over-the-top that you put them off. But to hear Kevin Hart and Josh Gad of "The Wedding Ringer" tell it, the bigger issue is that sometimes colleagues get hurt — whether it be physically or emotionally. They're concerned that one of their co-stars — a basset hound, to be exact — paid to high a price for their film's laughs.


Hart and Gad want to take this opportunity to express their concern and regret to their canine co-star — once they've talked about some really, really fancy weddings first, of course.


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"When you're doing what we did to a dog, sometimes you're wondering if that's crossing certain lines with PETA where they may retaliate and they may feel upset about what we put canines through," Gad tells Metro. "This is why dogs need betters unions."


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And Hart fully agrees. "The dogs need a union, because Fletcher shouldn't have had to deal with that thing or more than two takes," Hart says. "I think he did about seven or eight takes, which is past union regulations. Let's just say Fletcher hates peanut butter now."

As long as it gets a laugh, right?

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