Their eyes aren't even open yet! Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden/Facebook

The newest residents at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden are probably the cutest things we’ll see all day.

Three Malayan tiger cubs were born on Friday to first-time mom, Cinta, and the zoo posted a video of the adorable and fuzzy babies, whose eyes aren’t even open yet, yawning, crawling over each other and drinking from a bottle.

Sadly, Cinta’s maternal instincts didn’t kick in, so the cubs have been taken to the zoo’s nursery, where they’ll stay until they won’t need constant care and can be moved to the Cat Canyon enclosure.

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“It’s not uncommon for first-time tiger moms not to know what to do. They can be aggressive and even harm or kill the cubs,” Mike Dulaney, curator of mammals and vice coordinator of the Malayan Tiger SSP, said on the zoo’s website. “Nursery staff is keeping them warm and feeding them every three hours.”

They will “grow up together,” Dulaney said, and will not see Cinta again “as she would not recognize them as her own after a prolonged separation.”

We have a sneaking suspicion that, based on the number of hits the video below has received and the kisses you see the zoo staff give them, the cubs won’t be lacking for any affection as they grow up.