Tongues are still wagging over the surprise stowaway on an ultralight plane -- a brave airborne kitty -- and some of the reaction on social media has been almost as amusing as the video.

“Could've been a cat-astrophe,” wrote the folks who manage Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube channel.

“This ruined his nap,” quipped actress Casey McKinnon.

There was no first class or coach on this ride, caught in an onboard video by pilot Romain Jantot at a flight school in Kourou, French Guiana.


The cat, who does appear to have just woken from a nap, flew in what can only be dubbed as wing class. And she was cool as a cucumber as she held on for dear life.

“If that cat freaked out, you would both die,” lectured commenter “Laz N” on YouTube.

Jantot, who had a human passenger next to him in the single-engine two-seater, didn’t notice the fearless feline until 20 seconds into the flight. His reaction was quite literally eye-popping when he saw the critter.

On Facebook and in a CNN interview, he called it “the 'whoops' moment."

Since the video was posted Tuesday, the story has been picked up around the world, on TV and on the web. On YouTube, the video posted by Jantot has surpassed 11.5 million views early Wednesday.

The cat, it turns out, is the flight school mascot.

“I still don’t know if it got in after the pre-flight check or if I missed it,” Jantot says. “The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot.”

Social media is also going gaga for the handsome Jantot.

“The cat is cute but the pilot is cuter,” wrote YouTube’s “DirectionHQ.”

Posted by Romain