That's all they can stand. They can't stand no more.

Like Popeye getting ready to knock out Bluto, beleaguered New York City riders of the 7 line subway were infuriated Monday morning when a Manhattan-bound train got stuck in tunnel beneath the East River for 90 minutes.

The MTA website for hours said there were mechanical troubles at Grand Central. The truth was far worse.

At around 8:15 a.m., the emergency brakes on a train in the tunnel suddenly halted the train between Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue. and Grand Central. Multiple reports said train equipment hit the third rail, causing a smoke condition


All service was halted and an hour and half later, passengers were boarded a "rescue train" that pulled alongside their stuck morning ride.

Dramatic video on YouTube, posted by Raul Rojas, shows passengers waiting patiently, many of them reading, and then picks up when FDNY and MTA workers come to the rescue.

Rojas wrote on YouTube: "Started commute at 816a on 7. Emergency brakes were triggered and we were underground for about 1.5 hours until another 7 train came to pick us up. They called that train the rescue train."

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