She’s 97 in two months and had three hip replacements. And Tuesday night, she stole the country’s heart and imagination by dancing up a storm, doing the tango with a 26-year-old man on America’s Got Talent.


Meet Tao Porchon-Lynch, of White Plains, NY, who had the audience and judges, including Howard Stern and Heidi Klum, on their feet at the end of her performance Tuesday night.

Porchon-Lynch is no stranger to fame: She is the world’s oldest yoga instructor, has her own website, and has appeared on television often, including on “The Steve Harvey Show.”

On Tuesday night, she kicked that fame up quite a few notches.

"Nothing is impossible," she told her hometown newspaper in Westchester. "Inside of us is the power to do anything."


Her dance instructor, Vard Margaryan, was her partner.

"The young man that I'm dancing with there is 70 years younger than me," she says. "I have fun with it."

So did we.

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