A video of a Cubs fan catching a foul ball in her beer and then chugging, just might be the video that convinces me baseball isn’t boring.

Emphasis on “might.”

I’m not too sure what happens when a foul ball happens, but if you ask me, chugging a beer that has one of them in it sounds pretty foul.

What entertains me the most about this video though is the look of pure joy on the fan’s face. She is so excited to have caught this dirty ball in her cup of overpriced beer.

I haven't seen a face that happy in what feels like hours, but has more likely been months.


Look at that joy.


Watch the video - be entertained and feel American!

Note: I’m quite aware that I used a first person voice in this article. It didn’t feel fair to rest my ignorance of all things baseball on Metro’s back with the royal “we.”

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