A shocking video is making its rounds on the Web shows a toddler standing and playing on the ledge of an eigthfloor window.

According to people on social media, the terrifying incident took place in Miass – a small city in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia.

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As the child stands on the window ledge, he is seen sticking his leg out and playing and playing around. During parts of the video, the child is completely outside of the window without holding on to anything. If he took one wrong step, he could have easily fallen to death.

The video was recorded by a couple residing in the building across the street and they immediately contacted the police when they witnessed the scene.


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The parents of the child didn’t expect this situation to go viral and said it was a complete accident. They spoke with a Russian television channel TVC to explain what happened and said they only left the child for a “couple of minutes” before he decided to step outside and become a daredevil.

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