Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t taunt animals – especially Shimla monkeys.

Just last week, we featured a viral video of a silverback gorilla smashing a glass wall at a zoo after it was being taunted.

In this video a monkey is seen drop-kicking a young man after it appears that he gave the monkey the middle finger. The video is making its rounds on the Web with almost 3 million views.

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The security camera footage shows a young man in Shimla, India taunting the monkey by giving it the middle finger. The monkey wasn’t in the mood to be teased and quickly leaped off the fence and drop kicks the guy in the head and sends him to the ground.

The monkey hopped back on the fence like nothing happened. The guy appears to be OK as he gets up and walks off.

Shimla monkey: 1, young dude: 0.

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