A video that was posted to YouTube shows a baby who appears to have the angriest look on his face we've ever seen has gone viral.

The video was posted byMiguel Félix Gutand has been viewed over one million times.

Nobbody seems to know why this baby's scowl is breaking the Internet, but have weighed in on why they think the baby looks so angry.

Some of the top reasons were:


"I'd be mad too if you kept poking my face like that." - Gaius Julius Caesar

"Constipation." - Sol Ater

"He's only few months old and already fed up with life." - Hashed Prod

We're not sure why this baby looks so angry. It could be that someone keeps reaching in to pinch his face. It could be the fan on in the background blowing air on his head. Whatever the case is, this child appears to be angry about something. We need answers.

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