Jason Silva, the host of the program "Brain Games" on the National Geographic Channel is known for captivating our minds in his series of short videos called "Shots of Awe."

In this short clip, Silva shares his thoughts and theories about the miracle life to an adorable baby girl.
As Silva holds her in the air, he explains the reasons why she exists and how she developed into a tiny human being.

"Somehow, literally, like, a piece of software melded together, fused and then it started to turn itself into a living, breathing," he says to the wide-eyed baby girl.
Silva continues by going into detail about her existence.

"You know, it's like a steak with a brain. You are meat. You grew up inside your mother. You're like a wetware android," he says to her."

The whole time Silva is speaking, the look on the baby's face is priceless. She is staring into his eyes the whole time and she appears to be mesmerized by what he's saying.


The best line is at the end when he says, "Looking into your eyes actually feels like looking into a galaxy."

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