A German woman spent $50,000 to have plastic surgery to enhance her body along with a special procedure to increase her breast size to 32K. Not only is the size outrageous, but she also has the capability to refill her own breasts and make them bigger.

Martina Big was working as an airline hostess before she decided to have multiple cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance her nose, lips, legs, waist, teeth, and the most noticeable of all, her breasts.

Big has had a total of six procedures done on her breasts that took her from 650ml to 2500ml of solution in each breast.

There's also a small port on the side of her breasts that allow her to refill them and make them bigger whenever she pleases. She had the special procedure done so she can refill them on her own and doesn’t have to go back to see the doctor. How’s that for convenience?
german, woman, martina big, 32K, breasts, plastic surgerygerman, woman, martina big, 32K, breasts, plastic surgery

She says she always admired Pamela Anderson when she watched Baywatch growing up and has always wanted to have a body like hers. Now she does.

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