Morrissey had a long chit-chat with Larry King.


It was a pairing of icons from two very different worlds and a surprising one at that: Singer and animal rights warrior Morrissey in a sit-down with 81-year-old CNN legend Larry King on his three-year-old independent web talk show.


The former Smiths frontman, who went on to a monstrously successful solo career, was exceptionally candid, on everything from his cancer battle (he says his health is “blooming") to his disdain for most politicians.

It was his frank talk on depression, however, that raised eyebrows — particularly his view on suicide.

“For me, it never gets better,” he said on Larry King Now. “I’ve had it for many years. I refer to it as the ‘black dog’. It doesn’t go away. It’s usually the very first thing when you wake up, in the day, in the morning, whenever you wake up.”

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“I don’t (take medication), I’ve been through everything, it’s pointless. It’s a frame of mind, a state of mind, it’s circumstantial,” he said.

Morrissey’s self-deprecating humor showed when the Brooklyn-born King asked the 56-year-old Brit if he had ever thought of harming himself.

“No, but many of us have,” said Moz, whose vitriolic disdain for Queen Elizabeth and view that “meat is murder” has won him both fans and enemies.

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While he said he has never tried to off himself, he has drawn some criticism for what he said next about suicide in the recent sitdown.

“It crosses everybody's mind. Everybody thinks of it; even people who mistakenly assume that they're happy. They think of just disappearing and having enough and many people do, just taking control and saying, 'No more, no more of this silliness.' And it's admirable."

Here’s snippets of what else he had to say:

"You've known her for a long time. So you should know by now. Everybody in this country should know by now."

“In the dark, he looks like everybody else. It's the same old suit and tie."

“When you look at the Republicans who have lined up, it’s ludicrous. They all look exactly the same. “

“Barrett’s cancer, it’s in the oesophagus. They scrape it occasionally and I have medication, but I’m OK. Lots of people have it and they fade away, lots of people have it and they don’t fade away. ...You don’t really hear that word, that c-word. It seems to drift over you – you just say: ‘Yes, oh yes.’ Later when you’re on the stairs by yourself, it triggers in your mind. At the time, you don’t hear it.”

( Morrissey has alleged he was inappropriately touched in a security check at San Francisco International Airport. Transportation Safety Administration officials deny anything untoward happened.)

"I had been through the full scanner and I'd been through the second bit and everything was fine, and then he went straight for my private bits, and then he put his finger down my rear cleavage. ...The people I was with said this was assault, and he said, 'It's just your opinion.' He said it four times. ...They're above the law."

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