An iridescent, multi-hued cloud formation was spotted the Costa Rica skies, leaving residents of the area in awe.

The mysterious cloud was spotted early this week in the city of Escazú, Costa Rica.

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People who witnessed the spectacular cloud quickly posted videos and photos to social media mentioning it looked like an “End of Times” cloud. Jessie Montealgre, a resident who captured video of this strange occurrence, described the cloud as a “sign of God.”


Ironically, the cloud formation appeared in the sky on Costa Rica’s Independence Day.

Eladio Solano, a meteorologist with Costa Rica's National Meteorological Institute explained this phenomenon to Teletica News saying it is caused by the sun’s light refracted by water drops and ice crystals found in the could.

IlluOminous perturbations. #escazu #sanjose #costarica

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