This old instructional video from Wendy’s on how to make a bowl of warm delicious chili is sustaining our souls.


Did your mouth suddenly fill with saliva? Because our mouths are overflowing.


We’re not sure what our favorite part of this video is. Is it the overall 90s/80s vibe that video gives off? Is it the horribly written song that tries to explain how to serve a bowl of chili? Is it the chance that this video could be fake and thus kill all our hopes and dreams? Yes. It is truly all of those things.


Things we learned from this video:


1) Chili is served in a bowl for the “dining room.” and in a cup for to go.

2) Chili that’s been sitting needs to be stirred “from bottom to top.”

3) Chili can be served with cheese (the grated kind).

4) We loved chili then, we love chilli now, and we will love chilli forever. Long live chilli.