Another month and another comedy group is having fun at the expense of New York City's subway system.

Except it's sometimes hard to tell whether this one is poking fun at the Metropolitan Transit Authority or its "big baby" riders who take to social media everytime there is a delay.

In this comedic turn posted on YouTube by the "Above Average" network, "The MTA is Not Apologizing."

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We've all heard this more times than we can count: "We're sorry for the inconvenience."You know, when there is traffic up ahead, a smoke condition, or signal troubles.

Well, on this fantasy ride, a conductor is basically fed up with the apology.

"We should be moving shortly. We do not apologize for the inconvenience."

"From now on, we are no longer going to apologize when we haver nothing to be sorry for."

Watch and listen to the rest, and have a chuckle!

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