Trump has Jorge Ramos escorted out of presser.


Donald Trump had famed Mexican-American reporter Jorge Ramos physically pushed out of a news conference Monday night in a move that is sure to exacerbate the Republican frontrunner's already strained relations with Latinos.

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Ramos works for Univision, the massive Spanish-language network that dropped Trump's Miss USA pageant from its broadcast after his now infamous remarks about Mexican immigrants being rapists and drug mules.

Trump had Ramos ejected after he started aggressively questioning Trump about his plan to have 11 million undocumented immigrants deported.

“Go back to Univision,” Trump said as Ramos' questioning got louder.


"Sit down please," Trump shot back, as he picked another reporter to question him.

"You haven't been called."

Ramos, who has called Trump's hardline immigration proposals "personal" was later let back in.

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But it was a stunning spectacle to see the towering Trump aide physically push Ramos out asd the Univision repeatedly told the bodyguard to take his hands off of him.

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The Des Moines Register, which has editorialized against Trump, was completely banned from the news conference.

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