It would have been really amazing if she was singing, "Shake It Off," when a lunatic fan grabbed her leg because that is exactly what our shero TayTay did.

Instead, it was "Bad Blood," forcing us to find a creative way to squeeze in "Shake It Off."

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Taylor Swift looked shaken immediately, but then stirred and sauntered back upstage as security grabed the man during Tuesday night's show in Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.

One fan posted on social media: "Some crazy town grabbed at Swifty Swift tonight! Jeez buddy, keep your hands to yourself ... Glad security was on him right away and of course Taylor carried on like a pro."


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In other important Tay news, Ryan Adams says he iscovering Taylor Swift’s pop blockbuster 1989 — supposedly in the style of The Smiths.

“Guaranteed saddest version of ‘Welcome to New York’ ever – or your tears back,” wrote Adams.

#1989 Welcome to New York Way fun w the gang down at PaxAm.

A video posted by Ryan Adams (@misterryanadams) on

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