Screenshot, Facebook

A young girl was sent flying in the air when a strong gust of wind blew the door open and took her for a ride.

Madison Gardner, 4, was trying to get into the front door of her home, but the wind was so strong it sent the door flying open with Madison holding on tight to it.

The surveillance video shows little Madison holding onto the doorknob with one hand, while appearing to hold onto a smartphone in the other when she was whisked away.

Luckily, she was not hurt and the family was able to get a good laugh from the incident.


“She was scared at first, then was laughing away at it,” Brittany Gardner, her mother, toldFox 8 Cleveland.

Madison’s mom uploaded the 10-second clip to her Facebook page with Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly with Me” as the background music. The video was posted on Wednesday and it’s been shared thousands of times and has over 600,000 views.

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