Videos: Revere Beach becomes scene of violent brawl on Mother’s Day

America’s first public beach — ever — gained some unwanted new notoriety over the weekend when a massive fight erupted and dozens of cops had to be called in from neighboring towns.


Up to a dozen people are awaiting arraignments Monday after they were rounded up in Sunday’s Mother’s Day tumult, state and local cops said.


State Police Lt. Dan Richard says those involved in the fight were "pushing and shoving and throwing bottles" — likely plastic ones, he said, according to Fox.


The full circumstances on what caused the scene to explode remain muddled but according to an AP report on Fox: “Police say it started with girls fighting and then escalated when their boyfriends got involved. Witnesses tell FOX25 that the fight actually broke out between the young people and police when police tried to confiscate a backpack with drugs.”


No injuries were reported, says.

At the height of the tension, Revere Police Sgt. Charlie Ovino told the website: “It’s very busy down there because of the weather, and then one thing happens, and no one wants to leave. ... It was extremely bad. We sent our prisoner wagon and it couldn’t even make it through.”

Revere Beach was America’s first public beach — and opened in 1896.

The website for it says this: “ Revere Beach was created for those of us with a great sense of pride in our community and even stronger feeling of emotional attachment to something that we can all relate to and remember with great fondness.”

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