In case you missed Saturday night's boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, to keep it short, it was a snooze-fest. Mayweather danced around the ring all night whilePacquiao struggled to connect any punches. When Mayweather did get close he would grab ontoPacquiao until the referee separated them.


Mayweather won by a unanimous decision and many people who spent $100 to see the bout on pay-per-view felt cheated.


The folks over at Noober Goober Gaming - video game enthusiasts who make gaming videos - posted a hilarious reenactment of the "May-Pac" fight using the 1984 classic Nintendo video game” Mike Tyson's Punch Out."


If you missed the fight and want to see an accurate recreation of the action (?) that took place Saturday night, you can watch the fight Nintendo-style, in all its 8-bit glory.