An NYPD officer on his usual patrol ended up gaining a new best friend when he helped rescue a pit bull puppy on Sept. 30.


Officer Joshua Sailor of the 113th Precinct was among a group that found an 8-month-old female pit bull in an abandoned building near Farmers Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens.


“She had a huge chain wrapped around her neck that was holding her to the door,” Sailor said in a video released by the NYPD on Monday.


The dog was emaciated to the point where the oficer “could see everything from her spine to her hip bone, her ribs,” he said.


Once officers freed the dog, she ran right to Sailor. “She just gave me that look like, ‘Thank you. Thank you for getting me out of there,’” he said. The officer, who worked in a veterinary office for four years, said it was “the saddest thing. It broke my heart.”


But Sailor knew there was a way to mend that broken heart. “I was like, ‘Alright. This is my dog,’” he said.

Sailor ended up adopting the dog through the SPCA and has named her Mila.

“She 100 percent needed me. But I 100 percent needed her, too,” he said.