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Vinegar isn’t just for french fries

I read your article regarding cleaning the dishwasher. How much white vinegar should I put into the empty dishwasher? – Thanks, Yee

Hello Yee,

We received many emails like yours and I realized that, in error, I forgot to mention how much vinegar to use.

So firstly I apologise to all of my readers for my omission. Secondly, the answer!

All you need is to add about one cup of pure white distilled vinegar (five per cent acidic value) to the dishwasher.

This is simple and good for disinfecting germs and bacteria as well as reducing mineral and calcium build-up within the unit.

Is club soda really the secret stain remover everyone says?

Well the answer is yes and no! Now, how can I answer a question like that?

Club soda is great to flush out a fresh stain like red wine, however this is where the problem lies.

Club soda contains sugar, so if you are going to use it at the time of a spill, it is imperative that you also follow with a flush of cool water afterward to remove any sugar residue.

If you don’t, the sugar from the club soda will remain in the fibres and create a different longer-term stain.

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