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VIRAL VIDEO: How to turn your Apple Watch gold

The Apple Watch is now available and the prices for Apple’s latest gadget range from $349.99 for the “Sport” edition to a whopping $12,000 for a special 18-karat gold case premium watch.

If you’re not interested in shelling over 12 grand for a gold smart watch, but still enjoy the color of gold, then here’s a DIY project you can take on this weekend.

One guy has the perfect fix to satisfy your gold desires – just spray paint the case.

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Filmmaker and YouTube user Casey Neistat decided paint his brand new Apple Watch Sport to make it look like the shiny, fancy gold version that retails for $12,000

The key here is execution. While he just used basic gold spray paint, he made sure he carefully masked the areas of the watch he didn’t want the paint to touch. This is vital to this project because if gold paint gets on the watch face or the sensors on the back, it will be ruined.

The video was posted four days ago and has almost 2 million page views.

We’re sure this violates the Apple Watch warranty, but if you’re bold enough to take a chance on turning your brand new Apple Watch gold, then go for it!

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