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VIRAL VIDEO: Orangutan can’t stop laughing at magic trick


When someone performs a magic trick for us, we usually respond by staring in amazement, boredom or just clapping politely — but not this animal.

A video of an orangutan reacting to a magic trick has gone viral.

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Connecticut native Dan Zaleski visited the Barcelona Zoo and dazzled an orangutan with a simple disappearing trick with a Styrofoam cup and a small object that appears to be a cherry.

The ape’s reaction is priceless. After Zaleski performs the trick and shows the orangutan the empty cup, he rolls on the floor with uncontrollable laughter.

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Just as the orangutan can’t stop laughing, we can’t stop watching. Since the video was posted to YouTube last week, it has gone viral with almost 7 million views.

In a Facebook post, Zeleski said he performed the trick a few times, but this was his best reaction. The world may agree with him on that.

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