A screenshot from the video, with the shark nearly pulled to shore. Screenshot

A 13-year-old boy has got some major bragging points to lord over his friends this week, after catchinga nearly 250-pound shark in his fisher’s line off of Long Beach Island.


Joe Mandile told 7 ABC that he and his son Gianni have been fishing together since the boy was 3 years old.


"I didn't expect to catch something that big," Gianni told the station. "Because other people have caught those types of fish but usually at night, so I wasn't expecting to catch it in the middle of the day."


"All my friends, I've caught bigger fish than them, so it's kind of good,” he added.


The Mandiles said their family rule is “catch and release,” so they later returned the shark to the water — but not before snapping a few pictures.


"To set a hook in a fish and reel it in is an accomplishment, but to do something at this size, this age and that big," Mandile told ABC.

You can watch the full video below: