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What was supposed to be a “joke” among friends turned into a viral sensation that was taken completely out of context.

At least that's what's one woman is saying about the cocaine challenge — a trend that takes cues from the Ice Bucket Challenge and dares teens in Mexico to snort cocaine and then challenge a friend to the same, according to a report from

The article, which is in Spanish, explains how in an interview with a women who recorded a video of herself doing challenge, the media took a joke placed on a social media app and turned it something it wasn’t.

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"I recorded this video more than a year ago … It was a bad joke that we did in a WhatsApp group between friends and came out completely out of context," the woman, Ber, said.

"We didn't invent it, we saw the video of a man doing something called 'el reto de pasecito.' It made us laugh and s**t — despite being stupid — and we did it as a joke in our WhatsApp group, which has less than 15 friends, very close, who I've known for more than 20 years,” she also said, according to the article.

Called “reto del pasesito” in Spanish or “little pass challenge,” the trend had been explained in reports as something that was being done by the wealthy.

"This is a new challenge among young socialites which consists of ingesting cocaine,” a caption to one of the YouTube videos that popped up of the challenge read.

The fad has created its own hashtag #retodelpasesito, and even prompted a Facebook page dedicated to the trend, but was soon taken down by the company, according to reports.

At least one of the only three videos that had been reportedly circulating of the controversial challenge, has been taken down by YouTube for violating its “policy on depiction of harmful activities.”

Around mid-September, Ber started getting contacted by friends, who noticed that the video was circulating and the “trend.” was soon picked up in the media, according to the Vice report.

She refutes the media’s assumption that it was rich teen girls doing the challenge, as her outfit and jewelry from the video were not expensive, she told Vice. Ber added that she and her friend Betty, who appears in another video, are 30.

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Ber also told Vice that the “press crossed the line,” and criticized one interview with a girl vía Skype with her face blocked out who claimed to be 18 years old and one of her friends.

"The blame is obviously on me for making a video like this. I shouldn't have done it in the first place. But I don't understand, the media could have just reported that the videos were going viral and end it there. But to give false information like my economic situation and age, that a girl would offer herself to pass off as my friend and make herself up for an interview — that's bad,” she said in the interview.

Though the media never went to the trouble to seek Ber out, and she is upset with their behavior, she agreed to do the interview with Vice because her reputation is ”going down the drain over nothing, over a joke between friends."

-Translation by Chester Soria

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