(Reuters) - Men and women wrestlers wearing fancy dress tackled a slippery surface for a somewhat unusual contest on Monday - the "World Gravy Wrestling Championships".


Cheered on by spectators, contestants from all over Britain slid in the gooey mixture, usually an accompaniment to Sunday roast meals, as they wrestled each other on a padded gravy pool at the Rose 'n' Bowl pub in Lancashire, England in a bid to raise money for a local hospice.


Rules state that participants wrestle in gravy in two-minute bouts and they win points for not only their moves but also the audience's applause.


"If you can stay on your feet and get the upper hand on your opponent, it allows you to throw them and toss them around," competitor Joel Hicks said. "But if you can't get any balance then you're just straight over."


(Reporting By Reuters Television)