Just when you think you've heard the phrase "Damn, Daniel" for the very last time, Weezer — the pop/rock band your older cousin listened to in high school — has featured the young men from the original viral video in their new music video "California Kids."

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Elite Dailypoints out that Weezer should get some props for convincing the actual kids from the viral video to be in their music video, especially "the cell phone-camera guy behind the trend."

"Nobody seems to care who the blonde guy really is," Elite Daily points out. "He’s like an unpaid Carole King, except he never got a musical made about him."

Ouch. True, but ouch.


What is "Damn, Daniel" you ask?

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It’s a funny Twitter video of a high schooler, Daniel, being repeatedly complimented by a friend for his cool outfits and white Vans, using the eponymous phrase: “Damn, Daniel.”

Does it all sound stupid to you? That’s fine if it does. It probably just means you’re of an older demographic and have real things to occupy your mind like student loans, a baby or what to get for lunch.

The fact of the matter is that the video went viral, with the phrase “Damn, Daniel” spilling out into everyday life, with many of its fans likely using it as a joking way of complimenting their friends — or at least that's whatGQsuspects:

“...we wouldn't be surprised if in the coming weeks, "Daaaaaaamn Daniel" becomes the cool new way to express your approval of something. (i.e., 'Daaaaaamn Daniel, this soup is dope!')”

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