If you’re afraid to be seen in that bathing suit on vacation, take a note from this happy fat cat that lives in a hotel in New Hampshire.

Logan, an 8-year-old tabby, loves to lounge outside his digs at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn at the Waterville Valley Resort and has become somewhat of an internet star. Why? Logan weighs 31 pounds – that’s the equivalent of three cats in one furry body.

"He is one of the happiest, easiest cats I've ever had," saidSusan Brunvand, Logan’s human mommy, Associated Press reported. "He doesn't think he's fat."

Six years ago, Susan and Tor Brunvand adopted Logan – then a normal sized cat – from the New Hampshire Humane Society shelter in Laconia. Logan, it turns out, loves to eat, AP reported. Gobbling food from the two other cats’ bowls and sneaking into the food stash, Logan packed on the pudge.


“He acts like he owns the place,” Tor Brunvandtold New Hampshire Union Leader. “All the little old ladies, and most of our visitors, in fact, love him. When they first arrive, they ask for Logan.”

According to the Brunvands, the vet has given Logan a clean bill of health and nothing has ever helped him slim down. After a fight with a feral cat, Logan barely ate for weeks, but he stayed stuffed instead of svelte.

"We've tried everything," Susan Brunvand told AP.

Susan Brunvand, who said she thinks her "little chubby boy, my little bear" just has a slow metabolism, has gotten some criticism for not getting Logan’s weight under control.

"I just wonder why a person would have a pet and let it get that heavy," Janet Lynn, a hotel guest from Manchester, New Hampshire, told AP.

But, you won’t see a tabby cat on a treadmill anytime soon. Susan Brunvand said Logan lives the same lazy life her other cats do – loving himself and lounging in the sun.

“He’s just a big cat,” Tor Brunvand told Union Leader. “And everyone loves him, and he loves everyone.”

“He is pampered, he lives here in this beautiful place in a hotel, and he has the run of the place,” Susan Brunvand added. “He just can’t lose weight, we’ve tried. Some of us people are like that, too.”

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