Happy birthday, Bon. Next year, you'll be able to buy booze in the U.S.YouTube/News Guide

If you're walking down the streets of Tokyo and see a giant tortoise in a quilted jacket walking around, be sure to wish him a happy birthday.


Bon-chan, the pet tortoise, was purchased at a supermarket 20 years ago by his proud ownerHisao Mitani and his wife,Daily Mail reported. At the time,Bon fit in the palm of Mitani's hand.


“My wife just fell in love with him when she saw him at a pet shop, so she brought him home,” Mitani, who runs a funeral home, told AFP in a 2015 interview.


Now, the 20-year-oldAfrican Spurred Tortoise is3 feet long and weighsalmost 155 pounds.


Mitanisays Bon is like a son to him and the two are inseparable, going for hour long walks around the city. Bon covers less than a third of mile in that time.

"He's just like my son," Mitani said, Daily Mail reported. "At first we only had a tiny cage, but he grew out of it so quickly."

A carpenter built Bon a new home and a friend of Mitani's made Bon a quilted cover to keep him from getting cold.

"I use hand warmers when we go out," Mitani said, Daily Mail reported. "His clothes were made by our friend next door - it goes with a matching bag.

"I try to take him out whenever I have the time, I think it helps to relieve his stress from being cooped up."

The videos of Bon below were taken when he was a spry 19-year-old buddy.