A three-legged dog is making headlines after he barked and growled at an armed intruder last week.

The incident occurred in Janesville, Wisconsin when an armed burglar forcibly entered a home and demanded money from its residents while threatening them with a gun,CNNreported.

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The dog, Levi, began barking and growling at the man, who then shot at the pooch.


Luckily his aim wasn’t the best. The bullet grazed Levi’s head and lodged into his left shoulder. The burglar ran away and police have made no headway in apprehending them.

This is apparently not the dog’s first brush with danger.

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“Levi lost his leg during a family hike in 2014. The dog apparently took a fall of the edge of a trail — shattering his leg,” CNN said. The dog was also hailed as a hero then, because his fall prevented a child from falling down the cliff as well.

Additionally, CNN notes that Levi survived a dognapping attempt.

Basically this dog has seen some sh-t.

One has to wonder, though, if Levi had four legs, would he still get the same attention for barking at an intruder and then not getting killed by a gunshot? Probably not, to be honest.

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