U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry seen getting hit by the door at 10 Downing StreNBC/Screenshot

Hey U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry . . . use a door much?

The former Massachusetts senator and onetime presidential candidate had a little trouble operating the door at 10 Downing Street this morning — not necessarily the best way to kick off an important meeting with the U.K.’s newly named prime minister, Theresa May.

Kerry was in London for his first official visit since the country voted to leave the European Union last month.

After a quick wave goodbye to reporters, Kerry is seen trying to enter the door as someone else is closing it on him.


According to Reuters, Kerry played it completely cool, complimenting May on the swiftness of her move into the prime minister’s residence

"I am amazed it happens so fast — how do you have time to pack everything?" Kerry reportedly asked May, without acknowledging the door that just hit the United States’ lead diplomat.


Of course, it’s not the first time one of our political leaders bungled a door-based exit on an international stage. Then-President George W. Bush famously tugged on a locked door after a contentious 2005 press conference in Beijing.

There was also the time President Barack Obama was locked out of the White House after a trip home from a summit in Latin America, though he seemed to handle it with more aplomb than Bush or Kerry.

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