Some photographers will do just about anything to get the shot and capture a magical moment, but this guy may have gone too far.

A 360-degree video showing a tourist risking his life trying to take a picture of a low-landing plane at the Gustaf III airport on the island of St. Barts has gone viral.

The airport is known for how extremely close planes get to roads and beaches when they are landing and is recognized as one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

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Sebastien Politano captured the amazing footage with a 360-degree camera

As the plane approaches, the man brings his camera to his eye and prepares to take a photo. In less than a second, the aircraft zooms past the picture taker appearing to almost hit him.

Watch the video below. Click on the set of controls in the upper left of the video to pan the video 360-degrees and see what it looks like when a plane is coming at you high-speed.

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