It’s said that an artist is only as good as his tool, but what if that artist’s tool is his penis?

A man put this strange hypothetical to test when he stripped nude and began to paint a portrait during an airing of France Got Talent using only his penis.

Shocking and perhaps titillating the audience, the man completed, quite quickly, a decent portrait of one of the show’s judges.

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Now that’s talent.

The man in question is a Canadian performance artist named Brent Ray Fraser, whose art ranges from stripteases to the abovementioned penis paintings.

This isn’t the first penis portrait he’s done. Fraser has painted: Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau; Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana; French journalist, Laurence Ferrari; Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O of the Kyle and Jackie O show; and Presidents John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama.

We imagine you saying to yourself “That’s great and all, but why?”

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"I kind of taught myself to paint outside after school, and it kind of started on stage at a ladies' night in front of three hundred girls," Fraser explained during a radio interview (NSFW LINK). "I was at the point in my life where stripping was becoming so busy for me that it was taking away from my fine art life.... So I thought I would merge the two of them and so on stage now I make these paintings at every event that I do."

Is that a decent enough explanation?

Here’s the somewhat safe for work video.

Brent Ray Fraser performs on France Got Talent 2015 from Brent Ray Fraser on Vimeo.

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