The "dead husband walking" sign.


Worst timing ever.

A Manhattan man will need more than a dozen roses to make up for the mistake he just made this Valentine’s Day after he accidentally put his wife’s clothes in a recycling bag, reports said.

Mike Farrah, 48-year-old stay-at-home dad told the New York Post that after he put the clothes, worth $1,000, in the bag, his son then threw them out, assuming they were trash.

“He brought the dry cleaning down and threw it on the pile with the rest of the recycling garbage,” Farrah told the Post, speaking of his helpful 9-year-old. “I didn’t notice that he took the bag down."


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According to DNAinfo, a frantic Farrah, after realizing in his wife’s clothing had gone out with the trash, later posted signs in his Chelsea neighborhood saying "Wife's dry cleaning went out with the recycling," and "Please contact dead husband walking." He is hopeful that they will be returned since someone other than sanitation picked them up from the street.

“My wife handled it really well," Farrah told DNAinfo. "But there were some really beautiful clothes in there.”

There is a $200 reward for whoever finds the tossed clothing, accord to the Post, but in the meantime Farrah said he has the perfect Valentine’s gift for his wife.

“It gives me an opportunity to buy her clothes,” he said.

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